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Heya. I decided to migrate to Blogger since it's basically the same deal without frames and easier to update. The new address is

Keep this site linked if you want access to the old artwork. This will be the only place to view it for awhile.

October, 2007
(Updated 31-Oct-07)

Update (31-Oct-07) -- Hey folks. It's been three years, apparently! I've been through a lot. I got a job at Disney Interactive working on fun top secret stuff, and over a year and a half, loved and lost in a way that was very hurtful. After the relationship ended, I looked at my life and decided it would be nice to share again. I have a lot of drawings to post (~150, I'd guess) and no easy access to a scanner at the moment, but I wanted to let folks know that I still exist and care about the site. Thanks for still visiting... seriously. :-)

  • (21-Oct-07)
    Here is 7.3 comic pages done from 1 AM - 6 AM in support of friends Derek Hunter and Ryan Ottley on 24-Hour Comic Day a couple weekends ago. I just drew from panel to panel not knowing what was coming next. Let me know what you think!

    Page 01, Page 02, Page 03, Page 04, Page 05, Page 06, Page 07, Page 08

    July, 2004
    (Updated 21-Jul-04)

    Update (21-Jul-04) -- We moved, it was pure hell, and I just got back online again. I received email from some people, and I will respond to them when I get back to the con on the 26th or 27th. I spent 10 days doing three 3-page comics plus a cover for each, and will use this for my portfolio at the con. I hastily uploaded them, but my ftp access is less than ideal, so I'll just post a link to the directory they are located in. Much more stuff to update when I get back-- I've been drawing a lot.

    Update (02-Jul-04) -- Joe is moving so I will be offline, and won't be able to update until his new internet is up and running. I have new stuff to share, so... yeah. Yep. Oh, don't hesitate to email, it just means I won't get back to you for a few days. OK bye.

    June, 2004
    (Updated 22-Jun-04)

    Update (22-Jun-04) -- Let me get some chatter out of the way, first. It's been a year, and a lot has happened. First, my email got nailed by the spam sniffing virus and it rendered my inbox useless. I just fixed this, and you can now email me at "beeba" at beeba dot net. I encourage anyone that has been frustrated with my poor response time (i.e. never) to email me right now. I am keeping up with my inbox at the moment.

    Second, Van Helsing shipped. I was design lead on that project. It has not been welcomed by uber reviews, but everyone on our team knows the conditions we completed it under, are proud of what we did, and learned a hell of a lot in the process. Plus it makes a decent rental. :-P

    Third, I quit my game industry job of 10 years. I decided that I would not be able to accomplish what I wanted to in the game industry where I was working, and am now looking for the next game development studio to devote my life to. If anyone out there is a fan of this site and works in this industry, I would appreciate any leads you can offer. I love games with all my heart, and have 10 years of damned good experience to offer any company that's interested.

    Last but not least, I updated. Please forgive the quality of the most recent pictures; I am visiting Joe Abraham in New Jersey until the Comic Con and updating from my laptop. Some eatpoo members will recognize a few pictures, but the rest will be new to everyone else. My art has been stagnant for quite some time, but I hope to make some improvements on it over the next month, which means more updates in the short term. I will be adding in descriptions for today's update in a bit...

    A big thanks to everyone that insists on hanging in there. I have a bit more update material back in Utah when I return from New Jersey. I still intend to keep updating as long as I keep drawing.

    (Updated 22-Feb-03)

    Update (01-Feb-03) -- I grabbed the file of preproduction artwork for Barbarian from work and pulled out my work from it. Preproduction for Barbarian was a bit nuts, because our direction changed often in its early stages. This is reflected in the work below. This update is divided into sections based on each character in the game, and I did my best to guess at the chronological order of each character the first images are the character at its inception, and then show the progression from a generic "fantastic" fighter to a more "barbaric" one. I've also noticed missing pieces. I'll try to track them down for another update. (I apologize for the extreme delays in updating. Truth is, drawing has been slow. I'm desperate to speed it up, but it's been tough.) I'll also add deeper commentary in another update. It's 4:00 AM, and I want some sleepy...

    May, 2002 ( Archives / Tutorials / Links / About Me )
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