(Updated 25-Mar-02)

The tutorial links will not work until the tutorials are finished. Knowing me, it'll probably be awhile.

I don't want to put up any pretense about these tutorials. I am still learning, and will continue to learn until I croak. Rather than guides on drawing, these are ideas based on the way I learned to draw, for better or worse. As an artist, the shitty thing is that you already know that the best way to improve is relentless practice, but with luck, something in here might offer a helping hand to those less experienced, or inspiration to someone else.

How I Draw
AnatomyTips and tricks about the human body. How I learned to dissect it, and how to dissect it yourself.
PerspectivePerspective basics. How I learned perspective, and how to approach perspective yourself.
TipsClothes and other leftovers. Includes thoughts about drawing, and how to get better at it.

Feel free to give feedback on this stuff. There are a lot of things I just can't help with: backgrounds and technical art are just a couple. In fact, if you know where I can find tutorials about these subjects, email me and let me know where I can find them!

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(Updated 25-Mar-02)