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(22-Jun-04) -- Let me get some chatter out of the way, first. It's been a year, and a lot has happened. First, my email got nailed by the spam sniffing virus and it rendered my inbox useless. I just fixed this, and you can now email me at "beeba" at beeba dot net. I encourage anyone that has been frustrated with my poor response time (i.e. never) to email me right now. I am keeping up with my inbox at the moment.

Second, Van Helsing shipped. I was design lead on that project. It has not been welcomed by uber reviews, but everyone on our team knows the conditions we completed it under, are proud of what we did, and learned a hell of a lot in the process. Plus it makes a decent rental. :-P

Third, I quit my game industry job of 10 years. I decided that I would not be able to accomplish what I wanted to in the game industry where I was working, and decided to search for the next game development studio to devote my life to. If anyone out there is a fan of this site and works in this industry, I would appreciate any leads you can give me. I have serious drive and talent to offer any company that's interested.

Last but not least, I updated. Please forgive the quality of the most recent pictures; I am visiting Joe Abraham in New Jersey until the Comic Con and updating from my laptop. Some eatpoo members will recognize a few pictures, but the rest will be new to everyone else. My art has been stagnant for quite some time, but I hope to make some improvements on it over the next month, which means more updates in the short term. I will be adding in descriptions for today's update in a bit...

A big thanks to everyone that insists on hanging in there. I have a bit more update material back in Utah when I return from New Jersey. I still intend to keep updating as long as I keep drawing.

(16-Jun-03) -- Hello folks. I'm sitting on an update, but it will be coming soon. I'm just dropping in to let you know I added a new link to my very small link list. It's to a comic artist to LeSean Thomas that dropped me a line for a link exchange. His stuff is absolutely jaw-dropping. Enjoy.

(23-May-03) -- Ta-daa! I'm all caught up with my doodles now. There are still other work-related drawings out there, but that stuff is still off-limits. The latest five drawings are from our latest drawing night. Most of the people that go to drawing night can be found here.

(22-May-03) -- More stuff tonight. I got through the work sketchbooks tonight. My previous work-sketch scanning has been pretty sloppy and unattractive, and I tried to make things a little cleaner this time, including a compiled page full of the "one head in a corner" sketches. More stuff to come... I have 17 pages of my normal style to scan in, including ones from the latest drawing night.

(21-May-03) -- Poor, poor beeba.net... so neglected... the updates so scarce. I decided to do the first part of a large update tonight. Ever since drawing night dwindled years ago, updates have been scarce, but... we actually had another drawing night tonight, and it seemed like the first of many. No promises, but I'm hopeful that this little drawing home will get active again.

(22-Feb-03) -- ALL DONE! I have some non-project stuff to update in a bit, but I'm pretty exhausted for now. I hope everyone enjoys the update.

(22-Feb-03) -- Not all of it is up yet, but most of it is being uploaded as I type this. Try the links now.

(01-Feb-03) -- Oh @#$%, no. No, no, no! Dammit! asd;lkgas;lkjgoaw;hsdgl;ldfkasd;... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! I spent 8 hours scanning almost 200 pages of drawings, making thumbnails out of all of them and typing up this update in notepad. I copied all of the files into a thumbnail directory, renamed them, and dragged them into painter to make thumbnails with them. At least, I THOUGHT I copied them. I @#$%ing moved them. This update is @#$%ed until next week, unless I decide to blow another 8 hours of my precious @#$%ing time this weekend repeating that utter misery. I will update, but it has to wait. This just royally @#$%ing blows. I still uploaded the thumbnails, so you can see what a disaster this was. FUCK.

(01-Feb-03) -- I grabbed the file of preproduction artwork for Barbarian from work and pulled out my work from it. Preproduction for Barbarian was a bit nuts, because our direction changed often in its early stages. This is reflected in the work below. This update is divided into sections based on each character in the game, and I did my best to guess at the chronological order of each character the first images are the character at its inception, and then show the progression from a generic "fantastic" fighter to a more "barbaric" one. I've also noticed missing pieces. I'll try to track them down for another update. (I apologize for the extreme delays in updating. Truth is, drawing has been slow. I'm desperate to speed it up, but it's been tough.) I'll also add deeper commentary in another update. It's 4:00 AM, and I want some sleepy...

(31-Jan-03) -- I'm working on an update right now, but it looks like it will come in later tonight. Technically I fulfill an "update" requirement by writing this, but the actual meat will arrive in the wee hours of the morning. I'm not quitting until I get all of this stuff scanned in. (I already have 75 images done, but it looks like I'm only about a third of the way through.) I apologize to the one or so guys waiting from eatpoo.

(16-Jun-02) -- Both pre and post E3 kicked my ass, we haven't had a drawing night in awhile and, to add insult to injury, my scanner broke. Now I've got a spanky new scanner and my doodles from all that work time have been collected. Unfortunately, the quality is a bit lacking. With luck and a few drawing nights around the corner things should shape up. Thanks for hanging in there.

Oh yeah, and if anyone knows how to reach Joe Abraham or he reads this, then contact me! I miss the bastard and he moved to New York or something.

(17-Apr-02) -- Sorry about not updating in the past couple of week. I have about 7 pages of stuff from the other weekend, but drawing night has been falling through (which is when I normally update). Expect a post in the next week or so. FYI, the tutorials are still being worked on, it's just not going very fast. I've been fiddling with other stuff at home. Hang in there!

(26-Mar-02) -- I'm starting to prepare the site for tutorials. I have them started locally, but I didn't want upload anything until the first one is completely ready (hopefully soon). Also, if all goes well, I should be updating from drawing night later this evening.

(13-Mar-02) -- I hope I didn't scare anyone by missing last week's update. Everyone has been very busy and drawing night didn't happen when our schedules clashed. We've tentatively set a regular drawing night (tuesdays) and should hit it somewhat reliably. Things are definitely getting better.

Now I'm starting to give serious thought to tutorials and what I'd like to put in them...

(01-Mar-02) -- I dug out all the drawings from 2001 I could find and scanned them in. They're listed below with their appropriate dates (when possible) and are being filed into the 2001 directory.

(24-Feb-02) -- I found more sketches from 2001 lying around! I will have an update with them shortly...

(22-Feb-02) -- An update! I called my old drawing buds, and I think we've found a way to meet again and get back to a weekly drawing schedule. After a year of no consistent drawing, this is incredibly good news. I may even get another update in next week!

The archives have been updated and I threw in a couple links of close friends. If I gain enough momentum with the site again, I'll consider doing a tutorial. If you have suggestions, please email them to me. Ugh... email. I need to get to that, too.

(01-Jan-02) -- Happy New Year! It's almost been a year since my last update. That's pretty amazing (in a bad way).

2001 was absolutely terrible year for me and I'm glad that it's over. Over the course of last year I got a lot of emails that I may not get to because of the sheer quantity I put off. I just want to say thanks. Sincerely. There have been more than enough times that I've felt crappy about my job or my place in life or not drawing over the past 12 months, and the emails you guys have sent have been a godsend. I've read everything and, hell, maybe I'll write back even if I am a year late. Just give me a few months (heheh).

I'm still alive and still plan on updating, so throw this on your "not sure when the hell it'll update" list and check in here and there. I really want to get back into the swing of things. Updating the site and having a record of my art has been rewarding, but not nearly as rewarding as the people that visit this place. Sorry for letting you down, and thanks for the emails. I need to draw! --Alan

(15-Sep-01) -- I needed to write something... anything. I'm not dead, just extremely busy. I plan on updating, but I'm not sure when. It's possible it could be a ways away still. When I do, I'll also address the wall of email that's been building for months and months. I can't thank everyone enough for caring about the page and sharing your opinions. I'd like to still consider tutorial stuff when/if the updates flow again.

I also need to say... I can't believe what's happening in the world. I'm still trying to figure out how I should feel about it... I don't feel like we can literally end terrorism, but I feel something must be done to keep some kind of equilibrium with, or stay ahead of it. I want to know who we plan to strike, how hard we will strike, and for how long. I just needed to get that out.

So... no update immediately, and I don't know when it will happen. If you'd like to see something in the future, just bookmark and visit infrequently. I really miss drawing... :-(

(27-Feb-01) -- Well, I managed to get beeba.net up and running again. I hope everyone can do me a favor and spread the word around, since I'm sure a lot of others were left in the dark on what was going on here.

In the realm of news, the first thing worth mentioning is my new email address. From now on, please email me at atew@beeba.net. My old uswest.net email is about to go out of style, and I think I've managed to update all of my email links to reflect this new poo. Don't worry, if you emailed me within the last couple of months, I'll get back to you shortly. I absolutely love getting comments and responding, but I still suck ass at doing it within a decent timeframe.

The second thing worth mentioning is that I'm still really busy with work. I'm actually digging around for a pic I did before New Years, but I seem to have misplaced it. I can't wait to get on the drawing train again and feel that love again but the project at work needs me, and my drawing time will still be spotted for awhile.

Third (and last), let me know if you're interested in seeing any tutorials, links, message board, whatever on my site. If I get a big enough outcry for something, I'll probably spend some time on it, since the site could use something new, and everyone deserves something for being so patient with me. Feel free to email sarcastic things like "more drawings." Thbppt.

(30-Jan-01) -- It's crunch time at work, and I've been working non-stop late nights since I re-started work on the 2nd of January. It'll be this way for awhile, but the updates will still eek through. I won't have something to show regularly until the game we're working on slows down. I look forward to sharing the drawings that were done in pre-production on it. Anyone that can grin and bear things until then gets a star. Thanks for sticking with me through the pain!

(23-Dec-00) -- I've caught up with my old email -- I think. Eudora remade my "table of contents", and several emails were mushed together into one email. I think I searched through every message and managed to reach everyone that has emailed me, but if for some reason I've missed you, feel free to write again and I'll get to you. Also, don't expect an update next week. I'll be in Louisiana and won't be returning in time for an update. Happy holidays, everyone!

(20-Dec-00) -- Argh! I'm sorry I've been in hiding for so long. On top of work being rough at times (I'm vacationing, finally), I'm in a painful drawing slump of sorts. Scroll down for updates you missed in November. I put them in on the dates I did the drawings. *sigh* Next step is catching up on email. I think I'm backed up for 3 months, maybe even more. *bangs head on keyboard*

(21-Nov-00) -- Busy, busy, busy. Sorry...

(14-Nov-00) -- I did a drawing on Sunday, but that's it. Big apologies for being so backed up. I'm starting to get backed up in email, too. Blarg.

(09-Nov-00) -- I've been frustrating some of the regulars with my lack of updates. It's no biggie... I just put off "drawing night" until Saturday. It's another "if all goes well" session (like last week). If all goes well, new stuff will be up on Saturday evening. Otherwise, I'll be back on schedule for a Tuesday update next week. Much thanks to those that emailed! I'll send email back on Saturday.

(30-Oct-00) -- I may be a little late with this week's update because of halloween. If all goes well, I'll be able to update on thursday night. Just keepin' the masses informed...

(06-Oct-00) -- I just wanted to make a peep and say "thanks" for all the supportive emails. I'll be heading out to draw on tuesday. Stay tuned (and thanks)!!!

(27-Sep-00) -- I've gotten a couple emails that pee on me for not including this week. My deepest apologies. Just so everyone knows, it's work (and deadline) related and will probably last through next week. Crummy news, I know, but I have to deal with the pain, too... *sniff*

(06-Sep-00) -- Happy birthday to me!

(05-Sep-00) -- The page needs "September 2000" inserted everywhere, but I'll take care of that in a bit since I'm too busy tonight. I'm really backed up on email... I want to let everyone know that (1) I really appreciate the time you took to write and send compliments and (2) you'll get a "proper" response shortly. I think being constantly late with email is a great sign that I need a guestbook or message board installed. Tick, tick, tick...

(23-Aug-00) -- Well, I've done some C.P.R. on ol' beeba.net tonight. It's really sucks to miss so many updates, I'm glad things are rolling again. The bad news about the break is that I have some pictures without dates attached to them. That probably won't bug anyone else, but it bugs me. The good news is that I did another "project" drawing over that time. I can't share it yet, because it's for work, but I'm excited about sharing it later. I'll keep you posted...

(22-Aug-00) -- UPDATE TOMORROW!!! Sorry for the long delay!

(31-Jul-00) -- I'm sorry, folks. I only have time to write this little blurb... I'm extremely busy at home, and will be until the second tuesday of August (hopefully). I'm going to be dealing with this every now and then... it's just the nature of the video game business. Wish me luck and try not to leave for good. There's still a helluva lot of updates on the way. Thanks.

(18-Jul-00) -- Those of you that expected email replies (long ago) from me should get something tonight. If I miss you, email me and let me know! I'll get back to you right away. Along with work and work, one of my weeks was killed due to a serious Diablo II addiction. Bad Alan! BAD!

(27-Jun-00) -- The drawing plans were canned tonight because the drawing crew was too busy with work. Tonight I weep for my poor website!

(06-Jun-00) -- Hey folks. I'm sorry for the late update (May 30th - June 6th), but twice the usual drawings is a good thing, right? ...RIGHT? ...um... Look, boobs!

(24-May-00) -- Dammit! I forgot my sketches at work. I'm going to have to put the update off another day. Crap! Crap! Crap!

(23-May-00) -- I had a bad sector on the C: Drive that needed to be repaired, and I just got my computer up and running. I'm very happy with the pictures I did tonight, but I'll be updating them tomorrow. I'll pee on my computer for you (as compensation)... GRR!!!

(02-May-00) -- Holy crud, I'm not dead after all! I loathe missing an update, but my f'ing internet connection went down... *sigh*... so, I have a little more sketches than normal to share (make sure you check April for last week's stuff), and a lot of emails to write. What a pain.

(19-Apr-00) -- Three things:

  1. I'm 5 pictures away from the 400 mark! That's a lot of pictures on this site! Before I forget, I want to thank Ken Mangum for the web space he's been renting out to me. I think I'm officially over my limit now, but he's been really cool about the whole deal. The last two months have been cool... a lot of pics!
  2. I've been hiding some color work that people might be interested in. I only have direct links to them: new pic, old pic, comic-ish pic, and a color pic done by my drawing buddy Ryan (not me!)... see 1998, Set 22 for the original drawing.
  3. Last but not least, here's the drawing update you've been waiting for, commissions included:

(18-Apr-00) -- Hey Tuesday devotees... I've got a schload of drawings to post since I finished an insanely belated commission for a feller by the name of Hart Rieckhof (and I did prep work for it that you guys might be curious about). It's a little too late to go through all the scanning pain, so I'll be putting them up tomorrow. Just thought I'd let you know when to expect it...

(04-Apr-00) -- Hey folks... I just wanted to publicly shame myself and apologize for not getting back to people through email (particularly one Karla Anne (sorry)). I'm a couple weeks behind, but I'm hitting it all tonight. Here's some bad pics as some kind of peace-offering / salt-in-the-wound). Ugh.

(08-Mar-00) -- I wanted to announce my first "no-prize", which goes to Steven Schirle, who pointed out that the big-toe on the Capcom drawing is on the wrong side of his left foot. Fuck.

(05-Mar-00) -- On a not-so-important note, I've rescanned my Hawaii-trip pics, so if you're a "collector", you might want to re-grab Alan_262 - 272. I also wanted to give a big congratulations to Kris and My-Lan, who were married over my stay in Hawaii. I've known Kris since junior high, and we're good friends to this day. I hope you kids stay happy forever.

(11-Feb-00) -- I wanted to give a little heads up for everyone. I'm having a hell of a time at the moment. The hard drive on my new computer squeaked and died, and I barely got my stuff backed up before it disappeared for good. I'm still waiting for the replacement drive to get in, but in the meantime, I managed to fix some really messed up network problems so I could get online with my old computer (and do this li'l update). I'll have some new art and responses to emails going shortly for everyone... I'm sorry about this huge pain in the ass.

(30-Jan-00) -- Yikes, January is freakin' huge now, so I dropped December off the main page a little early. I didn't drop off the face of the earth or anything, I just didn't get a chance to go drawing this week. It's weird being one hundred percent there for a page knowing that there will be days you just can't update. The gaming industry can be demanding that way. Especially when you have an important position. Heheh. Alright, here's the goods...

(19-Jan-00) -- I found a very temporary solution to the update problem, so the past three pics are in. We'll see what happens next week with this poop...

(18-Jan-00) -- It looks like I still have some battling to do with my hosting provider. Grrrrr.

(11-Jan-00) -- It's been a crazy week. Work's been busy, I've finished some overdue pinups, the FTP server was actually full (I couldn't even upload anything to announce this), then I got the last parts for my new computer, and spent the entire week putting it together and getting kinks worked out of it. (It's the first time I've put together my own PC.)

My scanner's not up yet, but I wanted to check in and let everyone know that I didn't drop off the face of the earth. I'm back in business and updates are coming.

(11-Jan-00) -- I'm extremely busy. I'll be updating the page with this week's loot in a day or two. Thanks.

(04-Jan-00) -- I've added a "links" link to the page, but there aren't any links in it yet. I'll link links to the links page in a week or two... ... link link links!!

(07-Dec-99) -- I've moved October off the main page to make way for December, and put off adding the "links" section. I expect this kind of lazy attitude to last awhile, so (pretty) please forgive me, and enjoy the regularly scheduled updates...

(30-Nov-99) -- I think I'll be adding a "Links" section to the site in short order, as a small sign of 'thanks' to some of the people that deserve your attention. Now onto the big update!

(08-Oct-99) -- I've found two drawings in the pile of clutter on my desk. They've both been moved to the 11th of March, 1999. These are some doodles I did with a ballpoint pen to distract myself while working on a home project on the computer. The first is of some guy in armor and the second has boobies in it.

(21-Sep-99) -- I just wanted to give a quick congrats to my pals Howard and Joe for guessing what the decodable message on yesterday's first pic stood for. Apparently they're geniuses.

(06-Sep-99) -- I'm 25 today. I wish getting older weren't a variable I felt I needed to keep track of in my life, but I just can't help but suck that way. I've finished text descriptions for every drawing on the page and completed the About Me section. All I have left to do now is enter it into some search engines so some public will occasionally stop by. Thanks to everyone that's been visiting the page. You've already made the work I've put into it well worth the effort.

(30-Aug-99) -- The "Kid" section is now up in archives. Enjoy!

(29-Aug-99) -- This weekend I added descriptions for 1998's archived drawings and finished the entire pre-'98 update for the archives!! (I'll add descriptions of the new drawings there shortly.) I also put some work into the "kid" section for the archives, where I'll put all of my art from age 3 - 11. (I've already got several scans for it done, but they haven't been updated to the page yet.) Last but not least, July has been removed from the main page to make room for the upcoming month. Um... I'm tired now, so I'm going to sleep.

(24-Aug-99) -- The pre-'98 archive update is still on the way...

(17-Aug-99) -- My work load is starting to slow down, and I'm optimistic about finding time for the web page this weekend. I'll try to implement dialogue for the archived pictures, and if things go well you'll see my pre-1998 drawings up too. In the meantime, here's the latest update...

(08-Aug-99) -- The archives are now fully functional, and 1998's drawings have been included there. Due to lack of info, I had to sort them in order of scan rather than actual date. Kinda sucks, but not too bad.

(05-Aug-99) -- I've updated early with the rest of 1999's previous sketches. I should have gotten through a good portion of 1998's as well, but I discovered that none of them are dated! Arg!!! I'm going to have to implement a different format in order to get them on the page, so I'll be putting them in archives instead. Bummer.

(04-Aug-99) -- I actually survived a 75.5 hour week, and I have a home life again. I won't have any new sketches up this week, but I feel good about a huge update of old stuff this weekend.

(30-Jul-99) -- The page is at its new home, beeba.net! Yip! I'll be working on getting the rest of my drawings there over the weekend, so please stay tuned.

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